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Bass Guitar Lessons

JASON BOMANI (B) (G) (703) 980-5183 (FRI., SUN): Jason teaches bass and guitar. He specializes in Funk, Jazz, Rock, Fusion and Slap Bass techniques. He taught previously at our store and we are glad to welcome him back.
J.P. GARILLI (G) (B) CALL THE STORE (703)-660-6025 (MON): JP has been studying music for twenty years, along with writing, recording, producing and performing, Rock and Metal, up and down the east for 15 years. Teaching for over a decade now, he specialized in all types of Rock and Metal, but is also proficient at teaching most styles including Blues, Country, Jazz, Fusion, Classical and Music Theory. He has a strong emphasis on customizing the lesson plan for each individual student.
ROGER KRONSTEDT (G) (B) CALL STORE (703)660-6025 (MON, TUES, WED, THURS, FRI): Roger is a classical guitar graduate of NOVA. He plays a variety of styles and specializes in Classical and Rock. He has over 25 years of teaching experience.
SCOTT MCKNIGHT (G) (B) 703-244-1984 (MONDAY NIGHT): Scott earned a Bachelor of Arts in Music from George Mason University. He was nominated for Wammies for his solo CD and for songwriter of the year. Scott has performed with several other Wammie nominated bands in the area and ran a recording studio out of his home. He has been teaching bass, guitar, songwriting, recording and theory since the late 80's.
LAWRENCE ORF (G) (B) (703) 289-6637 (SATURDAY): Lawrence attended at
the Berklee College of Music and graduated Summa Cum Laude on the Dean's List.
He has been performing since 1977 and teaching since 1985 ranging from a variety of styles including Jazz, Blues, Rock and Country.